Maya Beach Experience is not just a beach club, but a place where you can disconnect from the usual routine, away from the chaos of the city. We want to allow you the opportunity to stay at the Maya even when the lights go out. So, we have created accommodations directly on the beach and elegant suites in the hills, all a stone's throw from the Maya and easily accessible with our free shuttle service.

Maya Beach Resort

The Maya Beach Resort is located in the protected marine area of ​​Punta Campanella and is directly on the beach in one of the most beautiful coves on the Sorrento Peninsula. Choose the hotel if you want to live the Maya Beach Experience fully. Perfect for those who don't want to live even one moment away from the Maya.

Maya Beach Experience - ACCOMMODATION


Vista di Capri is not far from the Maya with a splendid Sky Bar overlooking the sea, with Capri views and breathtaking sunsets. The ideal solution to take a break after spending a day in full Maya style. And to come back the next day, of course.

Maya Beach Experience - ACCOMMODATION