Maya Sound: IAM and Avangart Tabldot are the stars of the next Maya Sunset Ritual.

26 Jul 2022


We are now in the middle of the summer season, and the Maya Sunset Rituals have become the most anticipated event of the week.

We started just over a month ago, and the beach club has already turned into one big family. Our DJs, our guests, the Maya can feel the home-like atmosphere.

We have selected incredible artists for the Sunset Ritual, raising the bar of programming higher and higher.

However, this coming weekend will be a little more special than most.

We wanted to close the month of July in full Maya style, combining two of our strongest passions: music and fashion.

That's why we decided to invite two great artists, or rather, two great artist collectives, onto the stage: IAM and Avangart Tabldot.

Let's discover them together.

IAM: A fusion of Berlin's top creative minds.

IAM is the fusion of two seemingly distant but so incredibly complementary worlds. On the one hand, you have someone who has made electronic music a credo, and on the other, you have one of the most influential figures on the hip-hop scene.

What unites them? A passion for fashion.

We are talking about Inan Batman & Afshin Momadi, undoubtedly two of the most creative minds in Berlin. A collective that has succeeded in bringing one of the strongest networks in the international music and fashion world to the market.

IAM's aim is to twist traditionally understood electronic music and create a sound that skillfully combines Afro, Melodic and House sounds.

Inan Batman has been a musician for more than 15 years and is much more than a DJ or a visionary. He is an incredibly versatile figure who has managed to shape the European music scene like no other. Just think of his collaborations with Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Inan Batman is also a fashion designer with a marked aesthetic sense. He is the founder of the brand INAN and the fashion label 9N1M SENSE.

Not to be outdone is his partner Afshin Momadi, the internationally renowned artist who managed to bring home three million hits in just one month with his first single, “Dunya.”

Momadi, well established in the fashion industry, has been considered a key element in the success of brands such as Pigalle, Paris and Boris Bidjan Saberi, but also of the Afterlife music project. Since 2012, the artist boasts a collaboration with Adidas and is the creative director of 9N1M SENSE, the Inan Batman fashion label.

IAM is nothing less than a mix of creativity, music and passion for fashion that fits perfectly into the Maya concept.

Avangart Tabldot: Multidisciplinary creative backgrounds & groove

Avangart Tabldot is a concept born in Turkey and conceived by Ata, Semih and Aytek, three childhood friends who merged their passions to create something sensational.

The idea behind the music project was to create high-quality music through the combination of different influences and backgrounds. In fact, the three childhood friends are filmmakers, painters, visual artists and certainly musicians—multifaceted figures who share the same vision of life, and for them, this is understood as a collective work of art.

With a boundless passion for music in its most authentic sense, the trio's sets are a fusion of different genres that have an unmistakable groove as their common denominator.

IAM, AVANGART TABLDOT & Mario Bianco @ Maya Beach Experience | 31 July 2022
Access to the event is by reservation only.

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