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4 Oct 2021


"It’s about working with nature, rather than against it." - La Bottega di Brunella

Years ago, Positano dresses and Amalfi Coast fashion revolved around a single fabric, canovaccio. The classic jute cloth was featured in many magazines and lifestyle trends until it disappeared in the mid-90s.

By 1959, artisan bottega in the area shifted their focus towards modern textiles and beachwear, namely the bikini and evening wear for beach parties. A few years later, Brunella and Vito changed the fashion game by reviving ethnic wear. They blended handcrafted clothes with a passion for sustainable styles, a love for colorful palettes and an interest in creating an easy-to-wear ensemble to the beach.

It’s how La Bottega di Brunella emerged into the fashion scene. The artisan bottega featured a collection of 100% linen and cotton collections that embody the lost spirit of traditional Positano dresses. The family-led business continues to create beautiful Italian-made dresses in-house.

That’s why its creative collections are now donned by the staff working for Maya Beach Experience.

The Maya Connection

Wondering what a bottega has to do with the Maya Beach Experience?

Our beach club and luxury Italian resorts focus on creating meaningful connections with nature. We pay a tribute to the Maya generation — people who adopt sustainable lifestyles and lead fulfilled lives. Having worked on numerous luxury resort projects, the owners of GTO Resorts know the importance of choosing the right staff uniform.

We wanted to choose clothes that reflect our carefree spirit and reverence for traditions. That’s because from greeting guests at the door and mixing cocktails at the beach club to serving them in private cabanas, interactions with staff members plays a vital role at the Maya. Knowing this, we shortlisted local boutiques and fashion brands that help uphold our values.

La Bottega di Brunella met these unique requirements and brought their individual style to our beach resort.

Here are all the reasons why we love collaborating with this Italy bottega:

1. Sustainable Styles

The designers at La Bottega di Brunella choose fabrics and textiles that elevate the natural surroundings around us with their pretty patterns. Yet, more than the aesthetics, we appreciate their effort to keep their production eco-friendly.

The first step is to handpick local materials to create their Positano dresses. The yarn to production strategy limits wastage and maximizes usage. They accomplish this goal by using raw fibers to create fabrics used in their designs.

2. Light and Breezy Positano Dresses

Our Italian beach resort Maya Beach Resort features neutral, earthy tones and a soft beige color palette. You’ll find these soothing shades upon your arrival and in the luxury rooms (i.e., Muluk, Imix and Kaban) as well. The wooden furniture complements this elegant look with its no-fuss designs, timeless interiors and functionality.

Positano beachwear collections from La Bottega di Brunella have a similar presence. Each ensemble is made from 100% linen or pure cotton material. In this way, they weave nature into their premium-quality products. Using organic fabrics and natural dyes gives these garments a fresh look. Additionally, the breathable linen fabric keeps you cool all day long.

These traits are great for your trip to Positano as you spend your days under the warm sun in a land of perpetual summer.

So, you won’t feel hot and stuffy after spending hours under the warm sun. Nor will you break a sweat when you hit the beach club to dance the night away.

3. Lively Colors and Chic Styles

Maya Beach Experience allows you to explore the unspoiled wonders of nature on our shoreline. Here you’ll find a whole new world of breathtaking views and scenic beauty that leaves you inspired and stimulated.

The clothes from La Bottega di Brunella are a representation of the land we come from and its changing colors. From cheery yellow hues of the sun, the amethyst shade of the sunset to beiges and browns of the sun-kissed sand, there’s something here for every occasion and mood.

Each dress serves as a tribute to the lovely scenes that surround you. They’ve got a stylish range of accessories you can use to add more drama and flair to your ensemble. Thereby making it the perfect outfit for beach club parties.

Their latest collection of Italian linen clothing is a blend of eco-conscious techniques, warm hues and light silhouettes. All of which makes them a must-buy product for your summer wardrobe.

4. Family Values

Lastly, the history of La Bottega di Brunella features a grounded story about family and love. As a second generation works hard to keep the legacy alive. They do this by incorporating runway trends and stylish silhouettes with traditional techniques. Thereby giving each outfit an authentic look. They were also taught to be patient and fill their works with love to cultivate long-lasting relationships with their clients.

This runs in parallel with the story of the Maya Beach Experience when the current owner of GTO Resorts, Francesco Giglio, ventured to develop a luxury beach club and open-sky entertainment area for guests. Giglio’s eagerness to think out of the box and his attention to detail comes from the years he spent working under his father, former owner of GTO Resorts.

Similarly, La Bottega di Brunella is now welcoming the second generation of their family. Their unique insights and innovation have made this collaboration more meaningful.

Final Words

Long story short, even though they belong to different industries, La Bottega di Brunella and Maya Beach Experience have managed to form a kinship. Their camaraderie lies in their love for nature and Italian traditions. You can see this relationship bear fruit with the small boutique located on our premises.

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