Pubblicato il: 09/11/2023

Job Description:
Maya Beach Resort is looking for a Sous-Chef to work closely with our Head Chef in creating exceptional culinary experiences in Sorrento Coast, Italy. If you're committed to culinary excellence and have experience as a Sous-Chef in a distinguished culinary establishment, this is your opportunity to contribute to our high culinary standards.

Collaborate closely with the Head Chef to execute culinary vision.
Assist in menu development and kitchen supervision.
Uphold the highest standards of food quality and presentation.
Work closely with the kitchen team to deliver top-quality dishes.
Foster a guest-centric and quality-focused mindset in all culinary aspects.
Maintain a professional presentation and demeanor.
Utilize strong communication skills and organizational abilities.

Previous experience as a Sous-Chef in a distinguished culinary establishment.
Proficiency in English and Italian is advantageous.
A passion for culinary excellence and a commitment to maintaining high standards.
Strong organizational and teamwork skills.
The ability to work closely with the Head Chef to deliver top-quality dishes.
A dedication to maintaining the highest level of culinary quality.
Experience with Mediterranean cuisine is a plus.

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