Maya Beach Experience is a groundbreaking concept conceived by young entrepreneur Davide Rocco in collaboration with Francesco Giglio, owner and CEO of GTO. Davide's creative flair and artistry combined with Francesco's 20 years of hospitality experience brought the Maya to life with a global scope that breaks the traditional hospitality mold while keeping ties with local tradition. The result is an exclusive beach club resort on the coast made of art, creativity and culinary excellence wrapped in a refined and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Davide has long been actively involved in travel and tourism on the coast, and after several training experiences abroad, he obtained a degree in tourism management and completed his master’s in food and beverage management in Milan. Recognizing Davide’s expertise, talent and skills, Francesco invites him to join the GTO group.

Committed to continuous innovation in a saturated hospitality market, where international investments have been made over the years on the Sorrento and Amalfi Coasts, Davide and Francesco have developed a leading-edge concept, seizing the unique opportunities of the region and the beauty and passion of the local lifestyle and culture.


“We believe that Maya Beach Experience is a real change of direction from the classic ideas that have always characterized this area of business. When we conceived the concept, we thought of the Maya as a home, a refuge for all those who are looking for a place where they can freely share sensations, experiences and ways of being without thinking about anything else. For us, this is the essence of Maya."

Davide & Francesco


GTO story begins with Ciro Giglio. From an early age, Ciro worked in the travel industry with the humility and patience that have always distinguished the Giglio family. His extensive knowledge of the industry and limitless perseverance allowed him to courageously start his own hotel business in 1962. Ciro’s son Francesco Giglio inherited his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for hospitality and has followed in his footsteps as the current owner and CEO of the hotel group.

With steadfast support from his sisters Annabella and Ilaria and years of hard work, Francesco’s dream of developing a luxury hotel group that creatively combines design, cuisine, entertainment and well-being has been realized. Committed to continuous innovation, the exclusive Maya Beach Experience was launched in 2020. This ambitious project honors Ciro’s legacy and establishes GTO as leaders in international hospitality.

Today, the GTO family of hotels and resorts includes six beautifully appointed 4- and 5-star hotels with over 500 rooms. Each is unique and a one of a kind: Maya Beach Resort, Nastro Azzurro & Occhio Marino Resort, Atlantic Palace, Vista di Capri, Mar Hotel Alimuri and Tenuta Montecorbo.

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