Maya Sound: The vibes of Scorpios Mykonos wash over Maya

5 Sep 2022


Ever had a chance to spend a weekend at Scorpios in Mykonos?

It’s a contemporary interpretation of the old Greek agora where art, spirituality and creativity reach their absolute peak.

A vibrant location that hosts international artists, DJs, yoga teachers and chefs and is routinely frequented by lovers of a sought-after lifestyle with mystical and spiritual influences, a way of approaching life and entertainment that has always set us apart.

Get ready because this weekend's Sunset Ritual at Maya will feature the two resident DJs of Mykonos' most famous beach club, Lannka and Malin. A weekend of vibes and sounds with distinctive Greek references.

Let's discover the artists together.

Lannka: A folkloric and subtle energetic deep house sound

If deep house had a name, it would definitely be Lannka, the resident DJ at Scorpios Mykonos. His tunes incorporate folkloric sounds and primal rhythms, bringing to life deep house productions and sets that make the music an evolutionary journey, a true spiritual journey of the soul.

Lannka has a way of transporting the listener into a musical experience where digital and analog, folklore and electronic beats merge.

Not only is the artist the music director of Scorpios, but he is also the founder of the label "Bercana Music." His goal is to push the boundaries of electronic music not only into the future but also into the past.

His ability to skillfully blend ethnic melodies with contemporary electronic sounds succeeds in creating those magical vibes that can take the audience on a mystical musical exploration.

Listening to Lannka is like embarking on an immersive expedition to the world's innermost places and sound dimensions.

Malin: A kaleidoscope of melodic soundscapes

Malin Linnéa - along with Lannka is resident DJ at Scorpios Mykonos—is a Swedish DJ, producer and vocalist. Her passion for traveling and having lived in seven countries and three different continents have given her the opportunity to create kaleidoscopic melodic soundscapes through her productions and sets.

Malin has played at Burning Man and in Brazil, Mexico and Brooklyn. Hers is a true inspirational journey dedicated to all sonic travelers of the world.

Her international influences emerge, and personal interconnections are created during her sets—an organic sound that combines East and West, a mix of Latin rhythms, afro house and synthesizers that gives life to immersive and engaging productions.

"Music is one of the most powerful tools for connecting people with themselves, with each other and with the elements. Since I was a child, I have always been seduced by the power of sound and its ability to set us free. This feeling of total freedom and connection is exactly what I try to convey during my musical journeys."

Lannka & Malin @ Maya Beach Experience | Sept. 10, 2022
Access to the event is by reservation only.

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