Maya Sound: Ibiza, Tulum and the Sorrento Coast. BOHO Experience also hits the Maya Beach Experience.

1 Aug 2022


You're also probably expecting a blog post this week about Sunday's Sunset Ritual, the most anticipated weekend event for those who like to spend their holidays on the Coast.

So sorry to disappoint, but today's Maya post is dedicated to something even more spectacular.

Last week’s Sunset Ritual was spent together with two big names in international electronica — IAM and Avangart Tabldot which certainly gave Maya's programming a major boost.

Certainly, the Maya is establishing itself season after season as an essential destination to visit in the summer, and the artistic direction of the beach club, characterized by international sound fusions, is increasingly in line with the musical trends of the moment.

Though, we must take into account that for Davide Rocco and Francesco Giglio, the creators of the Maya Beach Experience, it is very difficult for them to settle and rest on their laurels.

So, Davide and Francesco decided to go one step further. One more time.

They decided to usher in the month of August with one of the most iconic parties in Ibiza and Tulum: BOHO Experience. And if like us, you love the Ibizan and Mayan Riviera vibes, you know exactly what we're talking about.

Let's discover the event together.

BOHO Experience: where our souls get to reconnect.

BOHO Experience is a journey of discovery of soundscapes capable of reconnecting you to your innermost self. A boundless universe created for all the world-traveling souls who consider music as a fundamental element for living a free, conscious and passionate existence.

That's why BOHO Experience is much more than a party.

It is a timeless place where our greatest passions — music, art and fashion — merge and become an entity in their own right, an emotional adventure where the subconscious becomes conscious and where dreams and love generate a belief system free of any constraints.

"A collaborative effort of creative minds. BOHO mixes electronic and organic music, art and the universe to create a unique experience."

The event, conceived by renowned DJ and artist Camillo Franco, has been traveling to the most peculiar and sought-after clubs and festivals around the globe since its inception. Its cosmopolitan soul, however, has not stopped the event from finding a permanent home at the Beachouse in Ibiza, the Balearic sanctuary frequented by foodies and creatives from all over the world.

Every Thursday, in this enchanting location, BOHO Experience manages to fuse music, art and fashion to create an incredible event with typically boho influences where there are no constraints or boundaries.

For this first weekend of August, get ready for a multisensory experience designed to escape reality and immerse yourself in a magical world where beauty becomes language and spirit prevails over reason.

"It's a place where boundaries dissolve, beauty is language, subconscious becomes conscious, heightened senses triumph over the mind, and where music, art, fashion, freedom, dreams, souls and love become one."

Boho Experience @ Maya Beach Experience | 7 August 2022
Access to the event is by reservation only.

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The Maya redefines the boundaries of music by creating a creative space of collaboration and contemplation to rejuvenate and lose and find oneself among the sound waves.

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