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06 Mar 2023


If you follow us on social media or you had the chance to read our blog posts, you will surely have already read about Bottega di Brunella and its unique linen dresses.

This well-known boutique in Positano has its roots dating back to 1965 when life flowed more slowly and the most eccentric and sophisticated personalities in Europe chose the Coast to spend their long-awaited summer vacations under the banner of "la dolce vita."

An era so far away yet at the same time so timeless which made the influence of Positano fashion all over the world possible.

This artisan boutique is hidden among the narrow streets in the pearl of the Amalfi Coast. Famous for the production of beautiful dresses and linen suits using natural fabrics and now a reference point for all shopaholics in Italy and overseas it is even well-known in Australia!

When we first met the founders of the boutique, we were overwhelmed by their incredibly engaging passion and dedication.

It is a family-run business where you can breathe in the familiar scents of home. There could it be no other way. Vito and Brunella, the two founders, were able to pass down their passion for craftsmanship and eco-sustainability to their children Cristina, Annamaria, Baldo, Antonio and Francesco.

Just entering the shop, you can feel the warmth of those who, like us, love working as a family.

"Family businesses are something extremely magical but at the same time difficult. While it is difficult to maintain balance and relationships, on the other hand, there is magic. Certain things are not learned by going to school...you live them and by living them, they enter you as if it were a natural thing."

It was incredible to experience a day in the workshop with them.

From collection choices to window dressings, everything is always done together. Vito and Brunella never miss an opportunity to remind us how important it is to pass down family traditions while preserving authenticity.

We couldn’t agree more!

Ah, we almost forgot! If you happen to be in Positano, know there are two Brunella boutiques. One is the historic shop, where the production takes place, selling only garments with natural colors that recall the earth green, beige and sand. The other caters to a different clientele, lovers of natural fabrics, of course, but who also appreciate brighter colors.

From a small workshop to a world-renowned company

We decided to personally meet with Vito, Brunella and their children to let us into their world of traditions and craftsmanship and to have them tell us how it was possible to transform a simple fabric into a garment worn by fashion and lifestyle lovers all over the world.

Vito, the company's creator, welcomed us into his workshop with great enthusiasm.

"If we started creating linen fabrics, it is thanks to the use of old Neapolitan wooden shuttle looms.
At that time, the fabric was only worked for linens or classic garments, but we instead brought these yarns into fashion."

Vito told us about the fabrics, how they are processed and how they evolved over time. Vito and Brunella's shop dresses a target audience that prefers sustainable fashion while being attentive to current trends, particularly those related to the aesthetics of the world's most unique beach clubs. Just think of Mykonos, Tulum and our very own Maya.

The collections are created by Cristina, one of Vito and Brunella's daughters, labeled the "champion" of eco-sustainability.

"We have been dedicated to product biodegradability for more than 30 years now. We try to create clothes that are 100% natural but are also totally biodegradable."

We talked with Cristina about their values and traditions and how crucial it is for them to offer a product that respects the environment without compromising.

This is why we were so excited to involve them in the Maya project.

Maya Beach Experience & Bottega di Brunella

Like all good things, this collaboration came about without any kind of planning. It was the sharing of values and beliefs that made it possible. Everything else came of its own accord.

"We are looking for special and unique projects that share the same purpose as us, to communicate through clothes and life experiences, which is the reality and essence of a natural and simple life."

Vito and Brunella's son is a vibrant soul of the family. He is the one who looks at the world with new eyes and pushes to create connections and alchemy with creative formats in line with the shop’s value system.

In fact, when the project was presented to him, he knew immediately that the two businesses were on the same wavelength and shared the same communication goals. It was love at first sight.

For Vito, and for the founders of Maya Beach Experience - Davide and Francesco - it is crucial to find a garment, a place, an approach to life that allows people to express themselves without uncertainties or doubts.

The creation of comfortable and fresh clothes moves precisely in this direction toward the desire to live a life of total freedom and awareness.

This partnership addresses a new market of young people who embrace similar ideas and values.
These are people who follow the same trends and choose destinations such as Greece, Tulum, the Emerald Coast, the French Riviera, and the Sorrento Coast for their vacations.

Brunella and Maya mix creativity and craftsmanship that has been handed down from generation to generation. These two fundamentals aim to give the right visibility and importance to a territory as rich as the coast.

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