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6 Dic 2021


The Maya Beach Experience has been a passion project for GTO Resorts owner Francesco Giglio. The collaboration with entrepreneur Davide Rocco has allowed the hotelier to create a dreamy escape for travelers near and far. The resort and beach club caters to modern sensibilities and needs with lively entertainment, gourmet meals, and local offerings. Enhancing this experience are the pristine beaches and crystalline waters of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula.

In the past two years, Maya Beach Resort has satisfied the wanderlust of many adventurers. Yet, the resort owner felt something was missing. After months of research and self-analysis, the team redefined their approach to sustainability with the inclusion of organic farming practices.

Tenuta Montecorbo (Estate Montecorbo) held the key to successfully transitioning this Mediterranean resort and beach club into a holistic, eco-friendly space for food enthusiasts. Once owned by the ancient Sorrentine Sersale family, the estate aligns Italian heritage with sustainable food production. In turn, it fulfills the resort’s need to elevate farm-to-table experiences with delicious, nutritiously rich meals for guests.

Continue reading to explore the natural offerings acquired from this estate.

A Picturesque Location

The founders of the Maya Beach Experience take great pride in delivering experiences that focus on natural beauty. Tenuta Montecorbo blends seamlessly into this narrative with expansive green spaces perched on the Sorrento hills.

The organic farm provides visitors with a panoramic view of the deep blue sea of the marine-protected land of Punta Campanella and all the islands of the Gulf of Naples. It serves as a self-sufficient agricultural land for the resort with its premium yield of fresh crops, Italian olive oil, wine, and livestock.

Guests at the Maya experience the freshness and natural food splendor of these premium ingredients in every meal they taste at the resort. Consequently, making these culinary moments magical and unforgettable for anyone who dines at the Maya Beach resort.

Tenuta Montecorbo Takes You Back to the Medieval Era

Before we deep dive into the sustainable food production process of Tenuta Montecorbo, we should pay homage to the original owners.

The historical site (then called Tenuta Montaccore) was owned by the Duke of Sorrento, Antonino Sersale and his wife, Cornelia Tasso. They hosted her brother, Torquato Tasso, in the summer of 1577. The renowned poet spent many moons in the charming estate, using the nature around him as a muse to pen the infamous “Gerusalemme Liberata.”

Everything from the rustic architectural style to the quintessential layout of the land captures the essence of a bygone era. Due to this, we consider this estate a medieval heritage site as much as a modern organic farm.

Organic Farming Done Right

Whether you order an aperitif, a light lunch, or a full three-course meal, you’ll get a taste of Tenuta Montecorbo. Our culinary team handpicks ingredients from the organic farm for each dish and drink on the menu. These steps weave in a mindful culinary journey into the Maya Beach Experience.

To make these efforts official, we earned the organic certification for Tenuta Montecorbo. The accreditation serves as authorized proof that the farm-to-table experience we offer goes through legitimate and industry-compliant practices. In this way, you can celebrate sustainably cooked meals whenever you plan a visit to the Maya.


Keeping Things Natural from Start to Finish

The Maya emphasizes the importance of regional culture and the land bestowed upon us. Our sustainable food production practices follow suit with its environmentally safe approach to farming. Trained farmers overlook a natural cultivation and harvest process without a drop of chemicals, pesticides, or any artificial substance that can modify the natural growth of our crops.

The estate currently grows a wide variety of vegetables, horticultural plants, viticulture, citrus fruits, and olives. The organic label features: extra virgin Italian olive oil, lemons, wine grapes, vegetables, Sorrento tomatoes and nuts.

Overall, our goal is to provide guests with an appetizing and healthy combination of food you can joyfully wine and dine in.

Behind-the-Scenes: How Do We Make Liquid Gold?

The Sorrento Peninsula offers the optimal temperature and fertile soil conditions to make Italian olive oil. All thanks to the sun-filled days and soft sea breeze surrounding the hills of Massa Lubrense. The Giglio family continues the centuries-old tradition of cultivating olives and infusing a technological twist to retain sustainable food production standards. It includes the modernization of specific stages to eliminate human error.

Everything inside these olive groves grows slowly and steadily with no artificial accelerations disrupting its natural process. These efforts lead to a tasty fruit with all the richness and flavors you associate with Italian olive oil.

A Farm-to-Table Experience Created with Love

The Maya presents an excellent combination of contemporary cuisine with Italian food traditions at the heart of every recipe. Having an organic farm a walking distance away from the resort allows our Italian chef Daniele Nasta to visit the land whenever required.

Days in the kitchen often begin with a trip to the estate to cherry-pick fresh produce. He uses his culinary expertise and extensive research to decide which healthy foods to eat. His seasonal menus often feature Italian food recipes that honor Italy’s coastal flavors and authentic food culture.

The Italian chef prepares each meal with precision to meet guest expectations. His signature style includes balanced flavors arranged aesthetically, everything from the sizzle of the pan, delicious aroma from the kitchen to delicately cooked food that leaves a lasting impression on your palette. In this way, his meals at the Maya are a flavorsome feast for the senses.

A Divine Dining Experience Awaits!

In the end, the Maya Beach Experience would be incomplete without Tenuta Montecorbo. The organic farming practices and sustainable food production procedures refine the culinary offerings served at the resort.

You can trust our chef to serve phenomenal dishes of freshly cooked vegetables, citrusy desserts, and delicious wine—all obtained from raw resources and organic food picked from the grounds at Tenuta Montecorbo. Due to this, the quality, nutrient quotient, and freshness of meals cooked at the Maya are incomparable to any other dining experience you’ll witness on the coast.

Ready to enjoy authentic Italian food recipes and traditions? Learn how to plan for a trip to the Maya Beach Experience here.

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